No Joke in Boise

Boise Idaho

On Thursday, March 8, Jim Henderson, producer of No Joke Live, took No Joke to Boise, Idaho.  Following the event, Jim got a post from a leader in a Boise non-profit with specific questions about the use of No Joke as “diversity, equity, and inclusion” training for their constituents.  Portions of the post are excerpted here because of their relevance to our ALF endeavor in regard to No Joke.

I participated in the workshop in Boise on Thursday – I work for the NE Oregon Economic Development District. I was wondering what your “rules” are for public showings of No Joke and using the three practices methodology. I certainly got the feeling from the workshop that you would encourage the use of the three practices….

Our organization serves three counties in NE Oregon. Our office is located in Enterprise. I will be talking to my colleagues about the three [practices] approach. I thought [No Joke] might be appropriate for one of our constituents who asked if we would organize civic engagement conversations as an extension of the outreach we have been doing to organize and promote “diversity, equity, and inclusion” training among the non-profit community.


Three Practices

Three PracticesFacebook is too often an accurate model of what it looks like when conversation occurs without respect, curiosity, and kindness.  Comments following the posting of a political or religious opinion are too often judgmental, even vulgar.

A rule of discussion often heard today is, “never discuss religion or politics.”  However, there is a problem with that rule.  It ends all possibility of progress.  Without discussion, people cannot reach solutions to challenges and problems.  Nor can they learn to understand one another.

Three friends in Peoria, Illinois have allowed their friendship to become the centerpiece of a movement designed to model practices that embrace, rather than avoid, huge ideological differences.  Differences that, in some places, have caused wars or social estrangement.

The Great Valley Chapter of American Leadership Forum is committed to sharing the Three Practices with the Central Valley, beginning in Merced.  We’d love for you to join us in this project.

To learn more about No Joke, you can watch a TEDx Talk about the Three Practices, and you can watch a 30-minute short about the Peoria Three who started this all.  Let us hear from you.

Friends and Rules

We’ve all seen it before.  People from opposite sides of the aisle play golf together, occasionally grab lunch together, and often arrive at breathtaking and positive co-accomplishments.

The current political and social environment prohibits this kind of collaboration, and No Joke would like to see that change.  In a story of three unlikely friends lay the seeds of such cooperation, and we want to tell that story in Merced.

No Joke!  An Imam, a Rabbi, and an Evangelical pastor with great ideological disagreements still regard each other as the warmest of friends.  They’ve built their friendship on Three Practices which they follow religiously.

We’d like your help in telling this story.  Will you join us?